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After twelve years of waiting, Monsters, Inc. fans will soon finally get a chance to revisit the lives of their favorite CGI monsters, albeit in the years before we originally got to know them. Monsters University finally comes out on June 21, though it might as well be on the far side of never, considering how powerful impatience can be. Luckily the marketing campaign has already begun heating up, with the full-length UK trailer being recently released, and now we get another sneak peek at some footage. Just release the movie already!

John Goodman stopped by Late Night Wtih Jimmy Fallon on Monday, promoting Monsters University as well as discussing all the Oscar buzz surrounding Best Picture nominee Argo, and even divulged a bit of information about the upcoming sequel The Hangover Part III. But more interesting than finding out Zack Galifianakis is a nice guy is the clip that was shown at the end of the interview, which gives viewers an exclusive look at the scene where Mike Wazowski first meets James P. Sullivan - and there may or may not be a speeding pig involved. Stay tuned to the end of the clip below for the scene. It begins at 2:10 for those unwilling to wait it out.

Granted, the full-length trailer featured a good chunk of this scene, but now we get to place those moments in context, as well as witnessing the initial pairing of one of animation’s most fun duos. Obsessively playing this clip over and over isn’t going to make June get here any faster, but it could at least get me the medical attention and medication I need that might make the next few months pass by a little quicker.

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