Mike Myers Making His Directorial Debut With Biographical Documentary Supermensch

This isn't quite the nausea-inspiring news that I predicted it might be when beginning to read the story, but it has officially been announced via press release that Mike Myers will be making his directorial debut, and it might actually make for an interesting film. Plus, it sounds like it doesn’t involve Myers getting into hours’ worth of make-up and costuming. The actor is now set to helm the documentary Supermensch, a biographical look at the life of talent manager Shep Gordon. How cool of a guy is Gordon? Cool enough to earn a feature length documentary, apparently.

For the project, Myers is partnering with A&E IndieFilms, the Oscar-nominated imprint of the A&E Network, which gives it an extra nudge up the ladder of potential. Gordon got his start in the entertainment business by taking on management duties of the newly-formed band Alice Cooper, and, in fact, he is reportedly the source of Cooper’s signature dark look and macabre live shows (he met Cooper at a house party with Jimi Hendrix and a sexed-up Janis Joplin). During Gordon's career he also managed the likes of Blondie and Luther Vandross and was married to Sharon Stone at one point. He’s had an A-list group of friends for most of his career, and that list has only gotten longer thanks to his innovative mind and an easygoing personality. Gordon is also the one who created the concept of the “celebrity chef” by taking on multiple chefs as clients. As a Food Network and Cooking Channel junkie, this is Gordon’s greatest achievement in my book.

Not just a publicity pusher, Gordon also puts his money where his heart is, adopting four motherless children as well as making frequent donations to the Tibet Fund, through which he became friends with the Dalai Lama. Take a look at the photo A&E sent out with the press release below and try to not instinctively reach for your razor.


Myers met Gordon while the actor was in pre-production for Myers’ breakout film, Wayne’s World, the two discussing using a Cooper song for the film’s soundtrack. The two men have remained friends ever since. “I thought he was a perfect combination of Brian Epstein, Marshall McLuhan and Mr. Magoo," Myers said in a statement. “I’ve been trying to get Shep to agree to let me make a movie about him for 10 years. Last year he finally said yes. I loved him like a brother before we started making this film and now having sifted through his life and his legacy, I love him even more.” And who would know more about love than The Love Guru himself? Blech.

The press release‘s quasi-tagline reads “Capitalist, protector, hedonist, pioneer, showman, shaman…SUPERMENSCH.” I’m definitely interested in this, and much more so than I would be in another Austin Powers sequel. There’s no set date for release yet, but this probably isn’t the kind of movie that will hit theaters in small town America - so we’ll keep an eye out for VOD dates.

As a bonus, below is a video of Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith talking about both Gordon and Frank Zappa’s involvement in getting the band together.

Nick Venable
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