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There was an overblown tabloid piece a few weeks ago about stars being banned from tweeting from the sets of their movies, because, duh, non-disclosure agreements. But apparently there's no such deal in place for Milla Jovovich as she begins filming on Resident Evil 4-- and it may only be slightly related to the fact that she's married to the director.

There's literally dozens of tweets about shooting scenes with Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter, which guns she'll be using in the film, and some stunts gone wrong, so all I can tell you is to go to her official Twitter page and go at it. She calls Wentworth Miller Wenty and talks about spin kicks. It's pretty great.

If you want more concrete evidence of what's going on on the set, Shock Til You Drop has some photos of Jovovich, Larter and Miller on the set, in costume and carrying weapons but not doing much. It's a larger version of the photo you see above plus one more. If all that's not enough Resident Evil 4 news for you, then well, I really don't know what to tell you.
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