Monday Movie Memo: The Big Hero 6 Sequel Could Do Something Crazy With Baymax

In the battle, for box office supremacy, Walt Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6 triumphed over Christopher Nolan’s trip through the galaxies. That’s to be expected, what with Big Hero 6 running almost half as long as Nolan’s epic – and benefitting from the 3D boost in numerous theaters. Still, a win is a win, and I’m sure the folks at Disney are celebrating, while also contemplating their next step in the Big Hero 6 franchise.

Disney loves sequels. Heck, Pixar Animation Studios has multiple sequels in the pipeline, from Finding Dory to the recently announced Toy Story 4. Big Hero 6 doesn’t have a sequel on the docket… yet. But during a premiere screening at the Savannah Film Festival, Zach Parrish, the head of animation on Big Hero 6, hinted at a possible direction on a potential sequel, and we discuss that juicy reveal in this week’s Monday Movie Memo.


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Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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