Monday Movie Memo: Can Kids Watch Maleficent?

It was the number one question asked of me over the weekend: "Is Maleficent OK to take my kids to?"

Not, "Is Maleficent any good?" And not, "Hey, how was the 3D in Maleficent?" (Though those are valid questions.) Parents want to know if a movie is suitable for their kids -- primarily because it costs a small fortune to bring your family to the movies nowadays.

This morning's Monday Movie Memo talks about Maleficent from the perspective of a parent. Just because the movie has the Disney label on it doesn't mean that it's suitable for all ages. And yes, every child is different, but I wanted to discuss a few elements of the film that might raise red flags with moms and dads planning a night out at the theater.

Maybe you saw Maleficent over the weekend. The movie did bank an estimated $70 million, good for a first-place finish. If you caught the film already, weigh in and let me know if it worked for your kids.

Maleficent poster

In the meantime, read our full review on Maleficent:

And here's a breakdown of the film's use of 3D effects:

Maleficent is in theaters as we speak. Here's a great behind-the-scenes reel on the film's impressive special effects:

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