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When Monster House first came up I wondered why they hadn't saved it for a Halloween release. It's the perfect Halloween film, the kind of flick you take your kids to see after a heavy night of trick or treating.

Apparently Sony agrees.

Though they kind of blew it by releasing it the summer (under pressure from the movie's producers) instead of in a more properly spooky month, they're correcting their mistake by re-releasing Monster House in theaters this October on more than 100 screens in glorious 3-D.

Yahoo says it'll start its new theatrical run on October 6th, which incidentally is just a couple of weeks before it also hits DVD on October 24th.

If you've yet to see Monster House, believe me when I tell you it's worth it. To date, Monster House has only made $68 million. It cost $75 to make. I plan on doing my part this fall to get it over the hump.