The Most Popular Marvel Character In Each State

Do you know who REALLY loves The Incredible Hulk? People who live in North Carolina. And how about Iron Man? Well, he’s reportedly incredibly popular in Alaska, Idaho, and Pennsylvania, to name just a few states. These aren’t just random assumptions. These are the results of a survey conducted by Ranker on popular Marvel heroes, ranked by U.S. state.  

According to a press release, Ranker asking fans to vote for the Best Marvel Comics Superhero, receiving more than 84,000 votes, which were then broken down into a state-by-state ranking. Captain America: Civil War newcomer Spider-Man took the No. 1 overall spot as Marvel’s favorite character, claiming the top spot in states like as California and Texas. But the full breakdown, by state, is as follow:   

Alabama: WolverineAlaska: Iron ManArizona: WolverineArkansas: HulkCalifornia: Spider-ManColorado: GambitConnecticut: Spider-ManDelaware: Spider-ManFlorida: DeadpoolGeorgia: ThorHawaii: Spider-ManIdaho: Iron ManIllinois: WolverineIndiana: Iron ManIowa: WolverineKansas: Captain AmericaKentucky: Spider-ManLouisiana: Spider-ManMaine: DeadpoolMaryland: WolverineMassachusetts: Spider-ManMichigan: Captain AmericaMinnesota: Spider-ManMississippi: WolverineMissouri: DeadpoolMontana: Captain AmericaNebraska: Doctor StrangeNevada: PunisherNew Hampshire: HulkNew Jersey: Spider-ManNew Mexico: WolverineNew York: Captain AmericaNorth Carolina: HulkNorth Dakota: Spider-ManOhio: Captain America Oklahoma: Spider-ManOregon: WolverinePennsylvania: Iron ManRhode Island: Captain AmericaSouth Carolina: ThorSouth Dakota: DeadpoolTennessee: ColossusTexas: Spider-ManUtah: DeadpoolVermont: HulkVirginia: Captain AmericaWashington: Spider-ManWest Virginia: WolverineWisconsin: HulkWyoming: Wolverine

Ranker says that they opened up the poll to include 186 Marvel characters, which explains why the choices weren’t limited to the heroes who currently are powering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rogue (from the X-Men), Silver Surfer (from the Fantastic Four series), and the wildly popular Deadpool found their way into the overall Top 10… the last one probably helped by his successful comedy film from earlier this year.

But other characters prevailed in certain states for reasons we may never understand. Nevada loves The Punisher? Sure, the character had a resurgence on Daredevil’s second season of the Netflix series, but enough to lead a Ranker poll. And Tennessee chose Colossus, who wouldn’t win a Best X-Men Character In The Deadpool Movie poll, yet somehow triumphed here.

Here are the Top 10 Best Marvel Movies, overall, according to the Ranker list:

1. Spider-Man2. Wolverine3. Iron Man4. Captain America5. Hulk6. Rogue7. Thor8. Deadpool9. Daredevil10. Silver Surfer

Look for most of these characters in multiple movies in theaters as we speak.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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