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It’s never been easier to keep track of the most anticipated upcoming releases. The 2016 summer slate is packed with a whole host of blockbusters, sequels, and franchise starters, each of which are vying for attention online across social media. And it turns out that Suicide Squad is currently reigning supreme in this online battle, as it’s the most Tweeted about upcoming movie.

According to USA Today, Twitter made this revelation themselves, announcing that Suicide Squad had amassed 1 million tweets between March 1 and May 26. These numbers were built up thanks to the release of its latest trailer back in April, which went on to receive over 125,000 re-tweets as well as more than 170,000 likes.

It was also assisted in this cause by a tweet from Jared Leto at the start of April. While sharing a sneak-peak at a variety of new Suicide Squad emojis to his 2.27 million followers, Jared Leto used the hashtag #JokerWasHere. This then started a myriad of new Tweets that also used the hashtag, and helped to increase chatter regarding anticipation for Suicide Squad.

The online fuss surrounding Suicide Squad saw it easily beat its cinematic rivals to this coveted Twitter crown. You can check out the films that were left in Suicide Squad's wake below:

Finding Dory: 269,000 tweets
Ghostbusters: 565,000 tweets
Me Before You: 329,000 tweets
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows: 251,000 tweets
Warcraft: 244,000 tweets

Warner Bros. will take huge comfort in the fact that so many people are talking about Suicide Squad, despite the fact that it’s still over 2 months away from actually hitting cinemas. After the lukewarm reaction to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, there’s a lot riding on the success of David Ayer's film, which brings together a myriad of DC's most famous villains, including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), The Joker (Jared Leto), and Deadshot (Will Smith).

Because of this chatter the studio will now be confident that they can finally kick-start the DC Extended Universe in the way that, despite its $871.1 million, Batman V Superman didn’t quite manage to do. We'll get to see if Suicide Squad can live up to this potential when it's finally released later this summer on August 5.

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