The horror genre doesn’t usually get a ton of publicity unless a franchise like Saw, Final Destination, or Paranormal Activity is involved. But we’ve been seeing boat loads of press surrounding the English horror film Woman In Black, and the simple explanation is that all eyes are on Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself, to see if he’ll make it in film outside of the series he helped define for over a decade.

This new piece of media comes in the form of a motion poster from EW. It’s not quite as flashy as motion posters usually are, in fact you wouldn’t even know it was a motion poster if you didn’t mouse over it. Scope it our below and see if you notice the not so subtle demon watching your every move.

Radcliffe plays a lawyer in the 1900s tasked with dissolving the estate of a recently deceased woman, but what he finds when he gets there is a town of scared locals and the ghost of a really pissed off dead lady. All the trailers leading up to this point look great so this will be a horror film worth getting your hopes up about.

Having seen Radcliffe on stage in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, I know that this kid has nothing to worry about in his career moving forward. He’s already got a few more film projects lined up, including the classic remake of All Quiet on the Western Front, and will likely continue on Broadway until his legs don’t work anymore. He’ll always be “that kid who played Harry Potter”, but that’s not going to prevent him from being in anything else the way it did Mark Hamill after Star Wars. Expect more greatness from Radcliffe, starting with Woman in Black in February.

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