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Movie theaters aren’t what they used to be. From the simple action of switching to 3D to theaters that provide alcohol and a full dinner to their guests, going to the movies is much more than just catching a flick on a big screen and chowing down on a bucket of popcorn. And in New York City, Regal Cinemas has just announced their plan for a bigger and better movie theater to top them all.

Regal Cinemas has its fair share of theaters in the Big Apple, but it has been a while since anyone’s seen a new theater pop up. DNAinfo reports the movie theater chain’s announcement on their development in Lower Manhattan and it sounds incredible.

The amenities will include digital projection, recliners with electric controls that can place the chairs in multiple positions and padded footrests. The theater will take up about 65,000 square feet and include 14 screens. It will basically be like watching a movie from the comfort of your favorite chair at home, just on a screen worthy of those big blockbusters.

The theater isn’t scheduled to finish construction until late 2017 or 2018, but hey, that’ll be just in time to see some of the exciting Marvel and DC movies scheduled to come out in 2018 including The Flash, Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1, Captain Marvel, and Aquaman. Can you imagine watching the Avengers take on Thanos on a screen worthy of viewing that fight, all while lounging back in a cushioned chair with padded footrests? Dreams really can come true.

In reality though, movie theaters are probably trying everything they can to attract customers. It’s a difficult industry to be in, with the likes of Netflix and HBO providing people great entertainment in the comfort of their own homes. And not to mention, ticket prices have been on the rise. With decadent amenities, prices are only bound to increase even more. But movie theaters can’t and won't die out just yet. We are in a glorious age of superhero, action-based movies that deserve to be seen on bigger screens, and are made to be seen on those screens. Deciding to see a movie in theaters is often a choice made by those who appreciate the visual effects and sounds that a theater’s presentation can enhance.

While there have been some incredible advancements in home theater, your living room can never compare to the larger-than-life scale that a movie theater can, add in hundreds of speakers, and exciting trailers, there’s really no comparison. Movie theaters, such as this new one, are out to create an entirely new movie-viewing experience, and it’s one we know, as movie fanatics, that we just can’t miss.

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