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When the news broke last week that Angelina Jolie had turned down the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity once again, Natalie Portman's name was in the mix of possible replacements, along with nearly other semi-famous actress in Hollywood. But with her performance in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan earning rave reviews at both the Venice and Telluride Film Festivals, Portman just got bumped to the head of the pack. THR reports that Cuaron has offered Portman the role without asking for a screen test, and she's now looking over the script and deciding whether or not she wants the part.

Portman's timing is incredible, and almost entirely by chance-- Gravity has been bopping around for months as the studio tried to replace Jolie, and the start of the fall festival season simply happen to coincide with the moment that Warner Bros. is ready to get Gravity going once and for all. It also helps, of course, that all reports say Portman is fantastic in Black Swan, leading the psychological thriller as a ballerina on the verge of a near-supernatural breakdown. I'll be seeing the film this Friday at the Toronto Film Festival and fully expect to be as dazzled as everyone else.

While Portman isn't necessarily the only actress with the chops to carry a movie like Gravity, which will rely almost entirely on its female lead (Robert Downey Jr. plays a smaller role), she might be the only one with that combination of bankability, talent and prestige. Here's hoping she takes the part, if only because this casting derby will start driving us crazy if it goes on much longer.

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