Nathan Fillion's Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo Has Been Officially Revealed

Going back to April, there has been a lot of back and forth about what role Nathan Fillion would play in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. The Firefly star revealed to the crowd at St. Louis Comic-Con that he would have a role in the Marvel Studios film, but would not say what part he was playing and only hinted that it was a role that audiences will only be able to recognize after seeing his name in the end credits. In the past few months there has been a good amount of debate and rumor about the part, some saying that the actor would be voicing Cosmo, a psychic Russian dog - but Fillion was quick to knock that rumor down himself.

Only now do we actually know the role that Nathan Fillion is playing in Guardians of the Galaxy.

WARNING: What follows may be considered spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy to some, though I can promise you that it won't ruin any major plot points or the end of the movie. Read on at your own discretion!

The report about Nathan Fillion's part comes to us from Stitch Kingdom, which got the answer to the riddle from a pretty reliable source: the official Guardians of the Galaxy credited cast sheet from Disney. According to their information, Fillion will not be playing any notable or even named part in the movie. Instead, he will just be appearing as "Monstrous Inmate." Kind of takes the wind out of the sails of the whole situation, no?

The good news is that Fillion isn't the only fun cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, as some other recognizable names are listed in the movie's credits as well. Stan Lee has a part as "Xandarian Ladies’ Man" (whatever that means); Rock legend and film director Rob Zombie is playing the "Ravager Navigator Voice" (which sounds like some kind of GPS system on a spaceship); and finally, director James Gunn will be making an appearance as ‘Maskless Sakaaran' (perhaps under a good amount of makeup?)

While Stan Lee is a pretty obvious inclusion given that he has been in every Marvel Studios film so far, James Gunn fans will note that both Nathan Fillion and Rob Zombie have previous ties to the writer director. Fillion was both the lead in Slither and played the religious superhero The Holy Avenger in Super. Zombie, meanwhile, was the voice of God in the latter film. Gunn has a habit of regularly casting the people he simply loves working with, and this is just another prime example (others being the inclusions of Michael Rooker and his brother, Sean Gunn, as well).

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Eric Eisenberg
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