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It's Valentine's Day! The day to shower the people you love with love, blast ballads with no regret, and generally feel free to be a sentimental sap. But maybe you've been caught up in the Olympics and forgot to get the perfect card for your significant other? Or perhaps this day makes you nostalgic for the time when classmates handed out Valentines featuring their favorite movie or TV characters? Well, either way Focus Features has got reason for you to rejoice!

On their Facebook page, Focus Features has rolled out some devastatingly darling Valentine's Day cards featuring some of their most beloved films. Whether your love is romantic, platonic, or too weird to describe, these movie-themed e-cards have got you covered.

Up top we've got our personal favorite, which pays tribute to Joel and Ethan Coen's comedy classic The Big Lebowski. It takes the Dude's motto of "The Dude Abides," and gives it a minor Valentine's Day tweak that not only reflects this mellow anti-hero's life philosophy, but also makes it the perfect card for just about anyone. I mean, even Olympians love The Dude.

Is your current relationship a bit complicated? Then this card featuring lovers Clementine and Joel from Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, might be just right.

Focus Features Valentine

If yours is a new love, Focus recommends this charming card that features the young lovers of Wes Anderson's quirky romance Moonrise Kingdom. Of course, this works just as well as a Valentine for someone who prefers pastels, old records, and has seen The Royal Tennenbaums more times than they've had hot meals.

Focus Features Valentine

If you've found your one and only, and they also happen to be an appreciator of great romantic dramas, Focus Features has two options for Valentines. The first focuses on the star-crossed lovers of the three-time Academy Award-winner Brokeback Mountain, and might be especially on point if your relationship is currently long-distance.

Focus Features Valentine

The second comes from my personal favorite film of 2012, Anna Karenina. Sure, Anna and Vronsky's romance may not have ended on a happy note, but while it lasted it was positively rapturous!

Focus Features Valentine

For something sexier, I suggest this cheeky card from the under-seen but sensational For A Good Time Call. If you're more into Galentine's Day than Valentine's Day, then get your friends together for a movie night featuring this hysterical buddy comedy.

Focus Features Valentine

For the animation enthusiast in your life, send this clever Coraline card, which boasts the movie's sassy heroine and a nod to her twisted adventures with the Other Mother!

Focus Features Valentine

Finally, for someone whose relationship with you defies a simple label like "girlfriend" or "boyfriend," try this lovely card from Sofia Coppola's elegant drama Lost in Translation.

Focus Features Valentine

But above all, Happy Valentine's Day!

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