Exciting news if you’re any kind of a Neil Gaiman fan. He may be about to make his feature film directorial debut. The acclaimed writer has one of his novels headed to the big screen this summer in the form of Stardust, but an upcoming adaptation of his graphic novels Death: The High Cost of Living may give him his first chance to make a movie out of his work himself.

The rumor comes from Cinematical, where they say the film, which Gaiman is also rumored to be writing, may begin production some time this fall in the UK. Casting rumors swirling around hint that Shia LaBeouf may also be up for the lead, though lately it seems that Shia is rumored for just about every lead that requires an actor under the age of 30.

I’ve read a lot of Gaiman’s stuff, but have always avoided his graphic novels. I know, they’re supposed to be brilliant, I’ve just never been interested enough to buy one. Sorry Neil. Any chance you’ll make a movie out of Good Omens any time soon? No? Alright then.

Since Death: The Hight Cost of Living is in my Gaiman blind spot, here’s what the Internet Book List says it’s about: “Legend says that every once in a hundred years, Death takes mortal guise to better understand the lives of those she claims. This time, Dream's older sister takes a holiday in America, and adventure follows on the heels of those she meets.”

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