Netflix Offers New Family Plan So You Pay Extra To Share Your Password

You guys remember the time when Netflix threatened jailtime for any subscribers sharing their passwords with people? Granted, it didn’t take off – like, say, Prohibition did – but it caused enough of a shit storm to further soil the company’s name in people’s eyes. This was also back when it decided splitting up its discs and streaming plans would be a smart idea. And here we are in 2013, and Netflix is making more bank than it ever has, setting unprecedented viewer records that will no doubt be beaten by new, hairier series. Not a lot of soil on that name now.

But now Netflix is taking things to slight extremes again, as the Netflix Shareholders report notes the streaming side of the company will be offering a new streaming plan for $11.99 in the U.S. that will allow up to four simultaneous streams at the same time. Currently, the $7.99 subscription allows two same-time streams, but what with all the rampant password-sharing, the company has probably noticed a few of those simultaneous viewings were happening across a city or state, rather than in the same house.

So what does this mean for the majority of subscribers? Nothing, as the company expects less than 1% of current users actually switching over. But it’s giving them the option. I can’t imagine wanting to pay four more dollars a month just so an old school chum of mine can catch up on Mad Men over the summer.

Considering “don’t share your password” was advice that was mostly ignored, how about their other advice about not spoiling things? That one is always relevant.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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