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Neuromancer Storyboards Reveal Movie That Might Have Been

People have been trying to get a Neuromancer movie made for years now, but so far no one has actually brought William Gibson's groundbreaking cyberpunk tale to the big screen. Now it looks like we might finally get a Neuromancer movie, courtesy of director Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube). Before Natali got the gig, however, one of the last names we heard attached to the project was director Joseph Kahn (Torque). When Kahn was at the helm back in 2006, he had artist Dan Fraga create some storyboards to illustrate sequences from the potential film. Now Fraga himself has posted the storyboards on his blog, giving us a look at a Neuromancer film that was not to be. Here are a few selections, and you can see the rest of them in the gallery below.

Without more details about Kahn's version of the story, it's hard to work out where or when in the story this might be taking place, but the lady up front with the wicked optics is almost certainly Molly. Fraga mentions in his blog post that one of the biggest challenges of the project was figuring out a fresh visual take on a property that has influenced and been outright ripped off for decades since. At the very least, these storyboards give us a little insight into what the world of Kahn's Neuromancer might have looked like. Not to mention, it looks like that would have been a pretty badass action sequence.

Based on Gibson's Hugo Award-winning 1984 novel, Neuromancer tells the story of Case, a drug-addicted, down-and-out computer hacker who is hired by a mysterious client to undertake a seemingly impossible hack. He's accompanied by Molly Millions, an badass augmented merc who provides the muscle Case is usually incapable or too strung out to provide. It introduced many of the concepts movies such as The Matrix have expanded upon, so fingers crossed, maybe we'll eventually get to see it done justice on the silver screen.

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