Next James Bond Directed By Tony Gilroy?

It was only a few hours ago that it was confirmed Gore Verbinski would be abandoning the director’s chair Pirates of the Caribbean 4, something we’d heard rumblings of from a frequent source months ago. Now that same source is back with new information on who’s next to direct James Bond.

Both Martin Campbell and Marc Forster have taken a shot at directing Bond movies in the new Daniel Craig era, and neither is likely to return for the next installment. Bond’s producers are still trying to pick the franchise’s new director and our source tells us that one of the name’s at the top of their list may be Tony Gilroy.

Gilroy is probably best known as the director of the critically acclaimed Michael Clayton and more recently he also directed the Julia Roberts, Clive Owen spy thriller Duplicity. In fact Gilroy has spent almost his entire career on one end of the spy genre. He had a hand in writing all three of the Bourne movies and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s no secret that these modern Bond movies are basically Bourne wannabees. What better way to catch up to Jason than hiring his screenwriter?

Of course, this name is just one of the possibilities being considered. I can’t stress enough that this doesn’t mean Tony Gilroy is directing James Bond. Back away from those Tweets! He’s just in the running and things are so early that it’s entirely likely the film’s producers will simply deny that they’re even considering him, since they’re still a long way away from hiring anyone.

Josh Tyler