Nymphomaniac Volume II Gets SFW Trailer No One Asked For

This video is pretty much safe for work, just a single shot of a bare ass to be concerned about.

Controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier had so much to say on the topic of sex addiction in the modern world that his upcoming Nymphomaniac had to be cut in two. This month, part one of this hard-core erotic drama stunned audiences at the Sundance Film Festival, where it played as a secret screening. And now we're getting a taste of Nymphomaniac: Volume II thanks to the above international trailer.

Because the film's distributors might actually want to screen a trailer in theaters, they had to figure out how to make a tamer trailer out of a movie stuffed to the brim with "too hot for TV" moments. And here's what they came up with, a spot that is at once enigmatic and dripping in star power. And so we have Shia LaBeouf as Jerome, talking about the problem with buying a tiger. Charlotte Gainsbourg in bondage as the titular nympho, Joe. Christian Slater taking little Joe (Ananya Berg) to see his "soul tree," whatever that is. Jamie Bell is getting ready for a beat down, while Stellan Skarsgård inquires about dreams, and Willem Dafoe leers. It's intriguing I guess, but after its no holds barred red-band trailer, it seems pretty flaccid.

Now this is absolutely NSFW:

More sly is the latest poster for Nymphomaniac: Volume II, which insists we forget about love, while making a heart out of a kinky sex toy.

Nymphomaniac Volume 2 Poster

Written and directed by von Trier, Nymphomaniac: Volume I & II centers on the life story of the aforementioned Joe (Gainsbourg), a woman who has actively sought out just about any sex act one can imagine. She lays her life and secrets bare to a stranger (Skarsgård) after he comes to her rescue once she was left for dead in the streets. Safe in his home, she unfolds her story, which ranges from Daddy's soul tree to promiscuous sex on the train to threesomes, BDSM, and some activities I wouldn't even know what to call. Its sprawling cast also features Connie Nielsen, Uma Thurman, Mia Goth, Michael Pas, Udo Kier, Hugo Speer, Stacy Martin, and Sophie Kennedy Clark. (Get to know them all a bit better with the films' steamy character posters.)

Nymphomaniac: Volume I will hit On Demand March 6th with a limited theatrical release following on March 21st. Nymphomaniac: Volume 2 will make its way to On Demand by April 3rd, with its theatrical run following on April 18th.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.