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Oldboy poster

While my anticipation for Spike Lee’s upcoming Oldboy remake is just slightly higher than my anticipation for his Kickstarted Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, I really have to give it to the guys creating the film’s posters. The last thing you want from a film this provocative is a talking heads poster or one that avoids imagery altogether in place of the film’s name written in a spooky font. The "tiny person walking in front of something huge" design isn’t anything new, but I like that instead of some looming building or vast scenery, we have a hammer coming down hard on something bloody. It appropriately screams "violent thriller."

As does the one below, via Bloody Disgusting, though in a far less exciting way. It’s unfortunate that the promotional material for this movie is so focused on showcasing this hammer and what main character Joe Doucett does with it. Unless he manages to use it for the entire film, like a machete for Jason, then expectant people are going to be sorely disappointed.

Oldboy poster

This next poster is another clever one, featuring rows of monitors peeking in on Doucett’s life, one per year, ending with his "trunk in a field" return to society. It’s an interesting approach that drives home just how long he stayed in this glorified motel room, and also showcases his haircut choices.

Oldboy poster

And then there's the one that has nothing to do with Doucett or his hammer. It's a girl, and I'm not sure if it's Elizabeth Olsen or not. It's a striking image, even though they included the tally mark tattoo on the umbrella. Gotta drive that imagery home, I understand.

Oldboy poster

If you wanted to get into the background of the Oldboy story, you're better off just watching Park Chan-wook's masterful original. You should just do that anyway. But for a comic prequel take on the film, head over to the upcoming film's Tumblr page, where you can read it as they release the pages. Here's one of the covers below.

Oldboy prequel comic

Oldboy is set to keep viewers hostage when it is released on Wednesday, November 27th. Will you risk your life and eyeballs to watch it? Let us know in the comments and check out the completely harmless green-band trailer below.

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