One Way Justice League Will Try To Lighten The Mood Of The DC Films

Under Zack Snyder’s vision, the first two entries in the DC Extended Universe, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, have been tonally dark. For some this isn’t an issue, but others prefer their superhero stories lighter, similar to what Marvel is doing. Regardless, Snyder is returning to direct 2017’s Justice League: Part One, and for those concerned that the superhero team’s big feature will have the same grim tone, it was recently revealed that it won’t be as dark as its predecessors. Now we have a better idea of how this will be accomplished, and it will involve a certain Scarlet Speedster serving as comic relief.

During an interview with IGN, producer Deborah Snyder, who also happens to be Zack Snyder's wife, mentioned that Justice League: Part One will feel lighter thanks to the inclusion of characters like Ezra Miller’s Flash. She said:

Justice League is a little bit lighter because some of these characters, you have Flash, tend to be a little more comedic, I'd say.

It’s funny that Deborah Snyder specifically mentions Flash, considering that her husband recently stated he didn’t include Grant Gustin’s Flash from the CW TV series because he didn’t match the DCEU’s tone. That show is definitely more lighthearted compared to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and its DC CW predecessor, Arrow. However, it’s been said before that characters like Flash and Shazam will help lighten the mood, which will come as relief for those invested in the DCEU’s future. Not that there’s anything wrong with dark storytelling, but we don’t want things to be entirely depressing. In Barry Allen’s case, despite his mother being murdered when he was young, he still maintains a positive outlook on life, and with his super speed, he can help make Central City and the rest of the world a better place.

Zack Snyder also explained how having Flash and other lighter characters in Justice League: Part One is their optimism, whereas Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follows two heroes who are struggling with dark personal conflict. As he put it:

One of the things that lightens it is having The Flash or having characters that are more optimistic. This movie is, in particular, two characters who are in a crisis of conscience which sort of draws them together.

Whether you enjoy the latest DC movie or not, he has a point. Batman is his usual paranoid self and worried that aliens are going to harm humanity, Superman is struggling with the public’s view of him, and Wonder Woman…well, she's actually not that angsty. Along with those three and Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg will also be on the team, and while Jason Momoa’s King of Atlantis looks intense, I’m guessing that Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone won’t be a brooding character (though the adjustment period to his new cybernetic body parts won’t be easy). Throw Hal Jordan as Green Lantern into the mix for Justice League: Part Two, and then you’ll really have a nice balance of light and dark.

Justice League: Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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