How To Really Play Wonder Woman, According To Gal Gadot

Sure, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice revolves around the battle between the titular superhero titans, but one aspect of the movie that really has people talking is Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, a.k.a Wonder Woman. Due to the fact the she is the first ever silver screen incarnation of the Amazonian warrior, Gadot had to start from scratch when developing the iconic superhero. As it turns out, becoming Wonder Woman revolved around putting the woman before the wonder.


Speaking with Variety, Gal Gadot explained the required method for portraying a superhero like Wonder Woman:

People might think you should play the superhero, but how do you play a superhero? At the end of the day, we’re all people. What’s so lovely about Wonder Woman is yes, she has the strength and power of a goddess, but she has the heart and mind of a human. So I play her as I think a woman like me would act in the situations she’s going through. You treat her as a normal woman who happens to be fantastic and almighty.

This essentially means that Gal Gadot had to get into the mindset of Diana Prince more than Wonder Woman. In order to properly portray the character she had to remember that Wonder Woman is a woman first, and a wonder second. Although that might seem easy enough, it’s something that all of the best superhero performances have had to strive for. From Christopher Reeve’s Superman, to Christian Bale’s Batman, no matter how insanely powerful or complex a character is on paper, the actor portraying them must convey genuine emotions that members of the audience can empathize with.

Having seen the film, we can safely say that Gal Gadot pulls this off in her role as Diana Prince. She’s the member of the DC Trinity with the least screen time, but what little she gets she manages to make incredibly engaging. It’s not because we’re in awe of her magnificent power – even though we are – it's because she manages to communicate the character’s emotional state and general disposition whenever she appears on screen.

Looking beyond her role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems that Gal Gadot has incorporated this method into her take on the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie as well. Check out the first look below.

Are you excited to see what Gal Gadot brings to the role of Wonder Woman? We here at Cinema Blend will bring you all of the latest and greatest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news as it becomes available to us. Be sure to check out Gal Gadot’s breakout performance in the film when it finally blasts its way into theaters this Friday. Stay tuned for more details.

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