This week we're down a Katey and decide that it would be a great time to check up on the ever-changing landscape of streaming entertainment. House of Cards might have been the vanguard, but is Arrested Development that game-changer? Plus discussions about Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon fighting over Quicksilver and Patches' Troma/Cannes experience, a mini-segment about ILLUSIONS, and a lightning round inspired by After Earth.

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00:00-00:35 Lightning Round

01:57 - 10:30 Da7e's tidbit: The Quicksilvers

10 :42 - 17:40 Patches' tidbit: Troma Films at Cannes

18:02 - 20:52 Magic…Revealed?

22:23 - 37:10 Arrested Development Season 4 is Upon Us!

37:22 - 48:58 Goodbye!

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This week's music:
"Penis Song" by Eric Idle

"Big Yellow Joint" by One Jimmy Jane

"Voodoo People Mix" by EclecticMethod

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