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2015 was one hell of a year for movies. It was a year of great performances and great stories. While it will be another week before we find out exactly who will be rewarded with statues at the Academy Awards, today we can celebrate all of the nominees with a video that has cut them all together into a single look. This will remind you of everything that you loved about movies last year. Check it out.

The 2016 Academy Awards Montage video, from Filmnørdens Hjørne, opens with one of the most powerful performances of the year, with Brie Larson in her nominated, and front running, performance in Room. From there it takes us through brief looks at some of the great actors that we got to spend some time with this year before moving through a series of clips, showing the memorable moments and strong performances that make up this year’s Oscar nominees. Whether you’re a fan of the more Oscar friendly dramatic nominees like Spotlight or Brooklyn, or your taste in movies runs toward the box office champs like Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Inside Out, there’s something here for every movie fan.

Dialogue is left to a minimum with only a few actors and actresses getting a chance to speak during the montage. Interestingly, even fewer of the speaking lines come from characters who are actually nominated for acting. Sylvester Stallone, Bryan Cranston and Alicia Vikander all get moments, but The Big Short’s moment comes from Steve Carrell rather than Best Supporting Actor nominee Christian Bale. Tom Hanks also gets a line rather than his Bridge of Spies co-star Mark Rylance. Though, to be fair, it’s one hell of a line.

While this year’s Oscar nominations have not been without their share of controversy, we can’t really argue that some damn fine people made some damn fine movies this past year. While there are a few strong frontrunners in a couple of the categories, many of them seem to be much more up in the air. Whoever wins next Sunday will likely be met with more than a few people questioning the decision, but ultimately that’s a testament to the overall strength of the field.

Which of these movies do you think will be taking home Oscars when the awards are broadcast next weekend? We’ve made arguments about why Bridge of Spies or The Big Short could be taking home the Best Picture award, and we’ll be looking at the rest of the field throughout the week, so be sure to check those out as well. We want to hear your thoughts too.