Which Seth MacFarlane will we get at the Oscars? Will it be the rapid-fire, pop-culture obsessed comedian who crams 1,000 profane jokes into each episode of Family Guy? The same comedian who voiced a foul-mouthed teddy bear in the massive summer comedy Ted? Or will MacFarlane be ordered by the Academy to water down his material for an audience-friendly Oscars telecast? If so, it might look a little something like this.

The YouTube user AVbyte put together a musical number that they’d like MacFarlane to use as his opening routine for the Academy Awards. It’s pure Broadway showtune, shoehorning Best Picture references into a song-and-dance routine that you’d expect on a Morning Zoo radio program. Watch for yourself.

This is more “Billy Crystal” than “Seth MacFarlane,” right? I mean, these guys put “butt hurt” into their musical, and thought it was edgy. This can’t be what we’re in store for when the creator of something as whip-smart as Family Guy headlines the Oscars, right? It has to be better than this?

Then again, the promos that the Academy has been running leading up to the telecast aren’t exactly fresh and cutting edge. Matrix spoofs? A shower gag from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho? I know that the Oscars need to be a celebration of the movies, in general, and Hollywood’s history … but these jokes have an inch of dust on them, and M

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