Pain & Gain Poster: The Rock's American Dream Is Bigger Than Yours

Michael Bay has a whole lot to make up for after three straight Transformers films, but we can't help but feel excited about his first movie in 8 years not to feature giant robots. Not only that, but it manages to feature two of the most lovable meatheads on earth-- Mark Wahlberg and The Rock-- plus a murderer's row of fantastic supporting players, from Anthony Mackie (featured on the poster above) to Tony Shalhoub to Rebel Wilson to Ed Harris. If you don't like at least three people in this cast, you're not trying hard enough.

The poster you see above premiered at MSN, along with a handful of exclusive new photos. We'll share two of the ones we like the best, mostly because they point to the film's huge comic potential-- The Rock running with a bank bag overflowing with coins, and our three doofy "heroes" counting their cash on a tanning bed. Oh, Florida.

The Rock is obviously in the middle of a very big year, having starred already in Snitch and the very successful G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which makes yet another franchise that The Rock has rescued with his charisma. Pain & Gain looks to be a one-off, a violent comic adventure based on the true story of three meatheads who kidnapped a local businessman in an attempt to win his fortune. Things, of course, don't quite work out as planned. You can click here for more on the movie, and join us in celebrating 2013: the year that The Rock built.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend