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Paranormal Activity 4 Officially Announced

There's a very good chance that the Paranormal Activity franchise will never die. The most expensive movie in the series only cost $5 million, and all three have made at least $175 million at the global box office. Even if Paranormal Activity 16 makes $10 million at the global box office we will probably see another one. Following the release of Paranormal Activity 3 - which shattered multiple October/fall records - I wrote a feature trying to figure out not if there will be another movie, but what it will be about. Now Paramount Pictures has confirmed my theory as they have confirmed that Paranormal Activity 4 is in the works.

STYD has received a press release from the studio announcing their upcoming slate for 2012 and included in that release is word of yet another Paranormal Activity movie. The release itself announced that Paramount won 2011 with the highest total worldwide box office sales, bringing in $5.17 billion in the last 12 months. Other movies on Paramount's docket for this year include World War Z, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Dictator. Paranormal Activity 3 played a major role in Paramount's earnings, totaling $203 million in global box office receipts, making it the most successful of the series.

So once again I pose the question: where does the franchise go from here? In my previous post, I suggested a straight up sequel, following a new family, or even possibly (but not likely) abandoning the found footage format? But where do you think that they should go with Paranormal Activity 4? Leave your thoughts, feelings and ideas in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg

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