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Patricia Arquette Cast In David Arquette-Directed Glutton

Much like the Baldwins, the Carradines, the Coppolas, the Cusacks and the Wayans, the Arquette family is well established in the acting world. From David to Patricia to Alexis to Richmond to Rosanna, they've all had at least some success in the movie industry and while their stars aren't as bright as they once were, they still get work on a regular basis and occasionally get to work together. Case in point, Variety is reporting that David Arquette has cast his sister Patricia in his newest directorial effort.

Titled Glutton, the film is a psychological thriller about a 1,200-pound man, played by Abraham Benrubi. Patricia will be playing the man's sister and caretaker while Kacey Barnfield, who is also a new addition to the cast, will play the man's friend and blind neighbor. The project won't be David's first time directing his sister, as he also helmed three episodes of her series Medium. The film will be Patricia's first since 2008's A Single Woman. Production is scheduled to begin next month in the Great White North.

I'll admit to having a weird curiosity about this project. I am curious to see how one makes a movie that is meant to toy with the mind while the main character is a human oddity that can't get out of bed. The article says that the film is "in the vein of Misery," and while I get the connection, at least James Caan could crawl around the floor and try to escape. How they will manage that same level of drama with a character that can't move would be interesting to see.

Eric Eisenberg
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