So now that Marvel's Dr. Strange will be getting a full-length feature instead of a simple 10-minute short, everyone is ready to speculate as to who should play him. Names like Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Liam Neeson have already appeared on fans' wish lists, but it's hard to believe that any of them would actually take the role. So what about an up-and-coming actor like Patrick Dempsey? Bleeding Cool seems to suggest that the actor is more than interested.

So what do we think of Dempsey as the sorcerer supreme? He has already spent the last five years playing a doctor on Grey's Anatomy, he's age appropriate for the role, and, with a role in the upcoming Transformers 3, it looks like he may be trying to change genres from rom-coms to action films. One fan of the casting is comic book artist Arne Starr who has already drawn up a poster of the actor as Dr. Strange:

So sound off, people. Is Patrick Dempsey the man we want to see wearing Dr. Strange's red and gold cape?

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