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I’d like to begin by saying, “You’re welcome,” to the three people in the Earth’s population that have never before seen Paul Walker in a high tension thriller that involves a car (or a dog sled), but have always wanted to. Of course, Walker is most famous for his work in four of the last five films in the Fast and the Furious franchise – with the sixth one coming May 24 – but his latest film, Vehicle 19 isn’t about a street racing gang’s trials and tribulations. It’s about one man, Michael Woods, who gets himself caught up in a world of police corruption. Oh, and car chases of course.

Vehicle 19 is the second feature from South African filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil, who first helmed the 2011 crime thriller Retribution. As the octane-fuelled trailer shows, the film stars Walker as a foreigner who unwittingly picks up the wrong rental vehicle, which is the cinematic understatement of the year. The car comes equipped with airbags, electric windows and a stowaway (Naima McLean) in the trunk whose dangerous information about the local law enforcement makes the pair a speeding target for an entire police force to chase after, shooting willy nilly through city streets. Not that a film like this would keep the action limited to city streets.

Though the tone here drips with sarcasm, this could actually be a fun brainless thriller, not unlike another one of Walker’s vehicle-centered films, 2001’s Joy Ride, which ended up being better than the other genre trash it was associated with.

The film does not yet have a release date, so Walker fans will probably have to wait for Fast Furious 6 to see him. He's got plenty of other options lined up, though, including the Hurricane Katrina drama Hours, the Hitman reboot, the crime comedy Pawn Shop Chronicles, and Luc Besson’s District B13 remake Brick Mansions. And he’ll probably drive a car in all of them.