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As you can probably assume, Peter Jackson is an insanely busy man at the moment. With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey due out in theaters this week pretty much everywhere around the world, the Kiwi filmmaker has been flying around and going from city to city doing interviews and promotional events for the new film, and once he's done with that he has to return back to Wellington and get to work on prepping The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for its December release next year. But adventures in Middle-earth aren't the only thing on Jackson's upcoming slate. He is also set to helm the sequel to Steven Spielberg's mega-successful The Adventures of Tintin - but just when will he find the time to do so?

According to Belgian site RYTBF (via Bleeding Cool), the answer to that question is "sometime next year." Currently on the European leg of The Hobbit press tour, Jackson was asked when he would start working on Tintin follow up, Prisoners of the Sun, and while he wasn't very specific there does seem to be some sort of plan in place. Apparently he plans on filming all of the motion capture footage in 2013 and then use the year after that to get it ready to be released in 2015, after the end of his Hobbit trilogy. It will be the first time in Jackson's career that he's released four movies in the span of four years.

And I'm sure that all of the studios behind the sequel are counting down the minutes until Jackson gets to work.While the film was only a moderate success in the United States, making just $77 million during its run, the film was a crazy hit internationally, making nearly $300 million abroad alone, and that's money that nobody wants to wait for.