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We all know what to expect out of The Expendables 2 when it hits in about a year--high-flying action, bulging biceps of nigh immeasurable girth, and a fat sack o’ ‘splosions to keep your eyes glued to the aging, yet classic, leading men. It’ll be bigger and badder than the original according to the film’s director Simon West, taking over for Stallone, and things are well on their way.

One big change from the first film is that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis will be getting much bigger roles this time around and Arnie has just posted a picture of himself and his good buddies from the set over in Bulgaria on his Twitter. Check it out below.

Does no one else think it’s weird that Arnold “Hasta La Vista, Baby” Schwarzenegger has a Twitter?

Anyway, the picture provides no information that we don’t already know about the film other than that it confirms that there will definitely be planes in this (no duh). The governator hasn’t aged quite as well as his counterparts, but it’s great to see him back on set a geared up to kick the shit out of some dudes again. Maybe we’ll even get a healthy NYEEEEEEAH! out of him. We can only hope.

With a combined age of 185, I’d say these guys are doing alright for themselves. The Expendables was not a great movie by any stretch of the meaning, but it knew what it was doing. It gave people who saw it exactly what they were looking for and the sequel will do more of the same, including getting these three together for something more than a chat. Even knowing The Expendables 2 will be brainless, the prospect of these three sharing battles together is impossible to not be excited about, not to mention the addition of JCVD, Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth, and Nicolas Cage. How can this get more awesome?

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