Pierce Brosnan Is Ready For The Expendables 4

In recent history, Pierce Brosnan has gone from dark comedies to serious comedies, and even a couple of dramatic films that are a far cry from his old super spy days as James Bond. Like any good hero in retirement though, the beast has been alive inside of him all of this time, and he's slowly been bringing it back into the forefront. Which means that he can either fully commit to a kick-assed comeback, or merely write the whole thing off as one last ride into the sunset. Judging by his remarks about The Expendables franchise, it looks like he's renewing that particular license he's been known to carry in the past.

While Coming Soon was interviewing Pierce Brosnan this past March for his role in the upcoming film A Long Way Down, the subject of The Expendables series came up. Apparently, Pierce Brosnan was once offered a role in Sylvester Stallone's adventure franchise, and his stipulation for appearing was a valid one:

"I said to [producer] Avi Lerner, 'If it works out and you have a good script, Avi, you know where to find me if you still want me.' It's as simple as that really."

Putting a finer button on the issue, Brosnan reiterated his interest in a more colorful manner:

Yeah, I'd love to do The Expendables. It's just a kick in the pants."

Now keep in mind, this is all dependent on if Sylvester Stallone and crew decide to actually make another Expendables film past the third and "final" film, which will be released in theaters August 15th. All indications seem to point towards this film being the last one, but then again, this is the franchise that has been built on a roster of actors who had at one point or another "retired" from action before. If anyone knows how to never say never, it'd be Sly and his band of merry demolition enthusiasts.

As for Pierce Brosnan's possible involvement in an Expendables 4 project, I think it'd be the perfect boost to his revived action career. The November Man already looks spectacular, The Thomas Crown Affair could still use that sequel that's been promised for over a decade, and this would complete the perfect trifecta of projects to bring back the man who single handedly kept MGM afloat during 1999. Everyone involved would be foolish not to move forward with this idea, should it be a feasible one.

Ever since his freedom from the James Bond franchise, Pierce Brosnan has experimented with various genres and projects to certain degrees of success. While he's not the best singer in the world, he still knows how to kick an ass or seventy, so it looks like The Expendables would be a more than welcome return to doing what he does best.

A Long Way Down is on VOD now and will open in limited theaters on July 11th. The Expendables III opens on August 15th, which means if you really want this to happen, you need to give Sly and the family boom your hard earned box office dollar.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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