Always a bridesmaid but never a bride; Jeremy Piven has built a career out of playing wise-cracking sidekick characters, never given a chance to headline a movie. Well finally, thanks to his role as Ari Gold on "Entourage", the agent will receive some overdue love.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Piven is set to star in his first movie after nearly two decades of supporting roles in films like Serendipity and Two For The Money. He is in final negotiations to star in the New Line Cinema flick being produced by Robert Simonds.

The currently untitled project is about a smug real estate developer (Piven) from Portland, Oregon, whose mogul boss gives him an offer he can't refuse--to develop buildings over a pristine forest. In hopes of being bumped up to partner, he takes on the challenge with powerful optimism. However, his happy thoughts begin to wane as the area's local animal residents take revenge on him and throw his plans through a loop. Don't you just hate it when animals whine about their homes being destroyed in favor of mini marts?

Piven is an actor with great comedic timing, and he's also the real life best friend of John Cusack. It would be highly ironic if Piven dragged Cusack on board in a supporting role, for a change. But knowing them, they'd just hug it out anyway.

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