Pixar's Short Sanjay's Super Team Drops An Emotional First Look

The world of Disney/Pixar has covered everything from the secret world of toys, to what happens when your emotions don't quite know how to work together. In the clip for their latest short, Sanjay's Super Team, the studio breaks multicultural ground as they tell the story of a young Hindu boy and his love of super heroes. You can watch that clip below.

Through their official YouTube channel, Disney/Pixar released this first look at the short cartoon set to bow with their latest feature film, The Good Dinosaur. In addition to the clip that's been released, the studio has shared some information on the plot of the silent sketch, which boils down to the following blurb:

Sanjay is absorbed in the world of cartoons and comics, while his father tries to draw him into the traditions of his Hindu practice. Tedium and reluctance quickly turn into an awe-inspiring adventure as the boy embarks on a journey he never imagined, returning with a new perspective that they can both embrace.

With Disney / Pixar's films becoming more and more diverse, Sanjay's Super Team tackles a subject both adults and kids are familiar with. No one knows that fact better than director Sanjay Patel, who crafted the short based on his own childhood experiences. Experiences that, eventually, helped him to become part of the Disney / Pixar team. With Patel's approach to learning about one's roots, the new short is bound to connect with children of all ages and races, as well as help those outside of the Hindu culture understand their deities a little better.

Of course, the main objective of any Disney / Pixar short, besides crafting the best story possible, is to be entertaining. With our first look at Sanjay's Super Team in the video above, we can already see that the entertainment piece of the puzzle is snugly in place. Judging by the limited material we've seen, it looks to be another one of Pixar's silent shorts, where no dialogue is present – except for the incidental dialogue that's coming from the cartoon. Even in a small fraction of Sanjay's story, you can already tell that the warmth and humor of the piece is going to be in the tradition of such shorts as Presto and For The Birds. The only real difference between Sanjay's Super Team and those slapstick masterpieces is the fact that the story is more personally focused, and nowhere near as chaotic.

With each passing project, more voices and viewpoints of increasing diversity are being added to the Disney/Pixar universe. Sanjay's Super Team looks to continue that tradition, while at the same time upholding the standard of quality you'd expect from anything the studio would attach its name to. You can attach yourself to Sanjay's Super Team when it debuts in theaters, alongside The Good Dinosaur, on November 25th.

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