Porkins Can't Shake Him

I feel like I've almost got to mention this, since we did honor the guy by putting him up in our logo. Not that it's all that much of an honor. The Rock was up there earlier.

But, the sad news for real Star Wars fans (not you kids who jumped in with the prequels) is that everyone's favorite big-boned X-Wing pilot, Jek Porkins, known in real life as actor William Hootkins has passed away after a fight with pancreatic cancer. Cancer? Who'd have thought it. I'm sure we were all betting on clogging of the arteries or something.

The first Star Wars film in 1977 was one of Hootkins first movie roles. In the movie he played Red Squadron's most portly pilot, Red Six, a guy appropriately named Porkins. I'm still not sure how he fit into the cockpit. Maybe he used the force, and used it all up trying to get in and thus had nothing left to help get that fighter off his ass. Poor bastard, but what a memorable death. Stay on target!

Hootkins went on from his brief, beloved role in Star Wars to show up in all manner of movie and television shows. IMDB says his last movie was one that's yet to be released, something called Color Me Kubrick. He never became a big name, but the man had a successful, long, and busy career taking on smaller roles. He showed up in everything from Flash Gordon to Tim Burton's Batman, and while you may never have noticed him again, to me that doesn't sound like a bad life to live.

Go back to base Jek Porkins, you'll be missed.