Though I've certainly tried as hard as I can, it's practically impossible to avoid news about Lindsay Lohan. Be it going to jail, getting out of jail, being put on probation, failing drug tests or going back to jail, the media seems to have a complete obsession with how the former Mean Girls actress is abusing our legal system. With the exception of a few comments around the time Machete came out, we here at Cinema Blend have tried our hardest to stay away from the gossipy crap that clogs the minds of far too many Americans, but it's hard when there is actual movie news embedded within it.

Despite her existence as a drug addict and waste-of-space, the producers of Inferno, the Linda Lovelace biopic, are intent on having Lohan play the starring role in their film and are willing to delay it while she deals with her legal woes. TMZ has spoken with "sources close to the movie" who have said that they are now planning to delay shooting of the film until January and plan on shooting in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana, where they would have received considerable tax breaks.

Here's the real question behind this story: why are these producers so intent on having Lindsay Lohan in their movie? She's obviously not a box office draw anymore (one look at the numbers for Machete will show that), she's completely irresponsible and selfish and notoriously terrible to work with. Why would any filmmaker want any part of that? If they are so desperate to make this film, they should find someone reliable and with an actual work ethic - you know, someone who actually deserves to be paid for acting. Lord knows that's not something you'd get with Lindsay Lohan.

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