It's been a Prometheus kind of weekend around here, with a WonderCon panel, an IMAX teaser, a video about how to create your very own Michael Fassbender android, and finally the new trailer-- all of them spectacular, all of them ramping up anticipation for the movie in a major way.

But we're not done yet! There's also a new UK trailer, and believe it or not, it's substantially different from the one we saw over here, better explaining the pictograms that inspire Prometheus to head off into space, and giving us more of a sense of the disaster that awaits them. Take a look below.

It's hard to even know what else to say about Prometheus at this point-- the effects look amazing, the cast looks amazing, Ridley Scott looks more in-control of a good story than he has in decades, and how long is it until June 8 again? At this point I'm just forcibly reminding myself that this movie is also from the director who brought you Robin Hood and A Good Year, because even amid all this excitement, it's worth remembering that this is a movie made by human beings, not a perfect creation emerging from the collective heads of all sci-fi geeks everywhere.

Either way, Prometheus is now clearly a summer must-see, and based on the interest we've been getting from you guys with all the new trailers over the weekend, I'm not alone. Let us know what you think of the info revealed in the UK trailer, and count down the days with us until it finally gets released!

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