Donald Trump As Deadpool Is The Most Bizarrely Satisfying Trailer You'll Ever See

Nobody enjoys a good mash-up like we do, but this is one for the ages. Donald Trump wants to clean up America, right? Well, if he lived in the comic book realm, he would have options beyond running for President in order to make that happen. He could put on a costume and fight crime...with bad hair. We present Trump Pool. You’re Welcome.

The lunatics over at Cyborg Monkey have swapped Ryan Reynolds dialogue for the Republican presidential candidate, whose dialogue just sounds like it’s from a comic book. Now our red-suited psycho calls gunman "losers" before shooting them in the head, because let’s face it, that’s exactly what Donald Trump would do, or Deadpool to be honest.

Not all of the trailer is laugh out loud funny. There is one...uncomfortable...scene where Trump Pool gets intimate with Hillary Clinton, you’ve been warned. The highlight of trailer, however, is watching Megyn Kelly give Trump the punch many would pay money to see. The worst part, or the best depending on your perspective, has to be that they didn’t overdub a word of TJ Miller’s "you are hard to look at" speech, and it all still works really, really well. Frighteningly well. He actually does look like an avocado.

And the end of the day, we’re really just trading one set of insults for another. If Deadpool is the "Merc with a Mouth," Trump certainly qualifies as a "politician who pontificates." His blunt, matter-of-fact tone has struck a chord with many on the right side of the political aisle, to the point that he his leading in many polls for the Republican Party presidential nomination. While we’re not sure what Deadpool’s political platform would be, if he were running for office, it’s fair to say he would be just as loud about it.

Finally, a word needs to be said about the hair. You can’t do Donald Trump without doing the hair, and luckily for us it’s on the outside of the costume, because of course it is. It has to be seen in motion to be fully appreciated, but here’s a look.

image description

As the political theater that is the race for the White House gets underway, we know this won’t be the last political mash-up we see. We’re looking forward to the Republicans vs. Democrats Civil War later this year. We’re sure it will happen.

Dirk Libbey
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