Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Mighty Ducks 2?

Ducks fly together! If you know that already, then you're probably more prepared for our Mighty Ducks 2 quiz. Just how well do you remember D2, the beloved followup to Disney's The Mighty Ducks? Now's your chance to prove your knuckle-puck is just as strong as your quack. Take our Mighty Ducks 2 quiz below...

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What minor league team did Gordon Bombay play for between Mighty Ducks 1 and 2

The Waves


Who sponsors Team USA?


dean portman

Where is Dean Portman from?

Chicago, IL


Which exercise is NOT one of the ones Gordon has Team USA do to bond?

Has them softly hit eggs across the ice.


Who does Goldberg says he’s the nephew of in order to get inside a Rodeo Drive store?

Aaron Spelling

upset kids

Which is NOT one of the reasons the kids give for why they’re upset with Gordon?

Slicking his hair back.

iceland game

Who gets sent out of the game during the first Iceland game?

Julie and Dean

whoomp there it is

What song is playing when Team USA plays street hockey with Russ Tyler and his friends?

Whoomp! (There it Is)

adam banks

Who gives up their spot so that Adam can play in the big Iceland game?



Why does Gordon think Gunnar will shoot glove side during the shootout?

Because he’s fancy.


What does Russ Tyler say when the Iceland players block his Knuckle Puck attempt?

Oh man, I messed up!


What is Iceland Coach Wolf Stansson’s nickname?

The Dentist

time out

How does Team USA manage to tie up the big Iceland game in the final moments?

Russ dresses up like a goalie.


Bonus question: Which Mighty Ducks 2 actor returned for Mighty Ducks 3 as a DIFFERENT character?

Scott Whyte plays Iceland player Gunnar Stahl in D2, and then returns for The Mighty Ducks 3 as Scott.

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