Randomly Cool: Bill Murray Sings Star Wars On The Set Of Get Low

Why is Bill Murray one of the most randomly cool people on the planet? It may involve radioactive asteroids, but personally I believe it’s because he just does whatever the hell he wants. Even when he does something terrible, he finds a way to make it randomly cool. For instance he now claims he did Garfield because he mistook it for Coen brothers movie. Plus he used it as a killer punchline in Zombieland.

Sure he’s all cranky about Ghostbusters 3 but that’s the flipside of his do whatever the hell he wants attitude. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s probably going to piss you off. When it does, don’t worry, he’ll make up for it by randomly showing up at some not all that notable bar in Austin, hop over the counter and for no reason at all spend the evening tending bar. Just know that no matter what you ask for, you’re probably getting Tequila.

And if you’re still pissed off about Ghostbusters 3, well there’s this. It’s not new, so if you’ve seen it, well it’s cool enough to watch again. But it’s new to me so maybe it’ll be new to you. The following video appears to have been taken on the set of Get Low. Check out how Bill Murray entertains the crew between takes:

Yeah, apparently he hangs out singing the Star Wars theme song he made legendary on SNL, just because he knows it’s a crowd pleaser. Ask him to sing it on Letterman? He’d probably say no. Just hang around him randomly when the cameras aren’t rolling? He might bust out with a little “near and far wars”. Here’s the entire song as he originally sang it on SNL:

Josh Tyler