Since being announced this morning, the title of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens has gotten a bit of a mixed response. Some fans are intrigued by the puzzle that the name presents, while others are rejecting it on the basis of not understanding how The Force could be asleep. It’s sure to cause a number of debates between now and December 2015 when the film is released, but only at that point will the meaning of the name actually be revealed, and (hopefully) fully understood.

In light of this big news, we’ve taken a look back at the history of Star Wars feature film subtitles and ranked them from worst to best. Will your favorite be declared king? Read on to find out!

Attack of the Clones
6. Attack of the Clones
While the title does have significance to Star Wars die-hards who recognize the history of the Clone Wars within the history of the saga, Star Wars Episode II’s subtitle Attack of the Clones is incredibly weak otherwise. While it’s surely meant to sound action-heavy, it’s undercut by the mention of clones, which suggests a certain level of monotony. Plus, it at least kind of spoils the third act of the movie, no?

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