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Read James Gunn's Heartfelt Wrap Letter To The Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast & Crew

What's it like to go from scraping up the cash to make weird, provocative indie films to being handed the keys to the intergalactic Marvel kingdom? You'll probably never know, but the closest you can come is to dig into the Twitter feed of James Gunn, the director who just wrapped production in London Guardians of the Galaxy, the next new Marvel franchise that's due next summer. Gunn tweeted a lot of photos of his actors wrapping and has been keeping busy with updates from the set, but his heartfelt wrap note to his entire team, posted on Facebook, is probably the best look into how emotional it can be wrapping on a film so huge:

Almost as good as that post is the response it got from a guy who knows what it's like to go from struggling to make your own movies to the big time:

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But back to the fun stuff…. Gunn has been posting pictures of the wrap gifts he's received from cast and crew, including this hoodie from the Assistant Directors, emblazoned with his nickname from the set:

Or how about this wrap gift from Dave Bautista, the heavyweight champion wrestler turned actor who's playing Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy:

Personally I think the belt should say "Galaxy Heavyweight Champion," not "World Heavyweight Champion," but it's not my belt.

Now that production on Guardians has wrapped the updates will likely become less common, as Gunn heads into the editing room and starts preparing footage not only for the film, but for the onslaught of teasers and trailers we're likely to start getting (count on your first look coming with Thor: The Dark World next month). But I'm hoping Gunn might at least give us a few peeks at the only member of the cast who wasn't featured in all these set photos: Bradley Cooper. WIll his voice even be part of the first Guardians trailer? Can we possibly wrap our minds around Bradley Cooper's voice inside a raccoon? Instagram photos probably aren't the best way to get that across, but we'd enjoy the hell out of them anyway.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend