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The latest posters for the upcoming robot-boxing film Real Steel are giving viewers a free look at the gun show. And by that, I mean a glimpse at the big, metal “muscles” of the robots set to fight each other. What’s more, each of the featured robots names are revealed at the top.

I expressed my enthusiasm for the upcoming Dreamworks film Real Steel when the TV Spot showed up online last week. These posters put the story aside and focus on what a lot of people are probably most excited for; big, smashy robot-fighting robots!

Coming Soon posted the images, each of which shows a different robot poised to fight. The one below features Atom, the robot Hugh Jackman’s character uncovers and puts in the ring.

The three other featured robots are Ambush, a beat-up looking blue bot with a sort of hunchback thing going on, Midas is also beat up and fittingly gold, with a gladiator-type hat, and finally, there’s Noisy Boy, a shiny purple robot who looks brand new, and very high tech. Of the three, he looks like the one that represents the supposed future of the sport - the potential Drago of the story. You can view them here.