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Showing off a side of both Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman that you've never seen before-- a raunchy, occasionally poop-smeared side-- is this summer's The Change-Up, the R-rated comedy from the director behind Wedding Crashers and the writers of The Hangover. The movie's first trailer has debuted online at Moviefone, and you can watch it embedded below.

Though the trailer takes a lot of time setting up the basic switcher at the center of the movie, the most interesting stuff seems to be later in the film, when Bateman gets to act like a wild single man and Reynolds gets to be a little uptight and reserved. The red-band leans a little heavily on the profanity, but I'm hoping the good jokes manage to shine through in the final product.

Below you can also check out the movie's first poster and two new images; click them to see larger versions of them.

For more on The Change-Up, head over to our Blend Film Database. The Change-Up opens on August 5.
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