Reese Witherspoon Won't Have Sex With Vince Vaughn

Watching Access Hollywood makes me feel like something that fell out of Paris Hilton's crotch, so I avoid it and thus had no idea that Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have apparently been having problems on the set of Four Christmases. Aside of course from the fact that it sounds like an absolutely awful flick. Apparently their hatred for one another is common knowledge. I guess Reese lost my email address.

Anyway, it sounds like things aren’t getting any better on the set. The guys at Digital Spy and the New York Post claim it’s turned into Reese actually refusing to shoot a scene. The scene in question is a love scene, a funny, comedic, filthy scene with Vince Vaughn. The Post’s source says it’s because Reese is such a prude (Which comes as no surprise, I mean come on who wouldn’t have guessed that?), or maybe she just doesn’t want to get Vaughn sweat all over her.

If she’s refusing to do a sex scene because she’s a prude, then you have to wonder why she didn’t read the script before doing the flick. If she’s refusing to do it simply because she hates Vince Vaughn, well who can blame her. I love Vince, but I wouldn’t want to dry hump him either. Especially lately, the guy’s got man boobs. Get to a gym dude.

As for the movie, in case you haven’t heard, stars Vaughn and Witherspoon as a couple spending Christmas visiting four different sets of parents. Because we’ve never seen that movie before, at least not without the words “Meet the” in the title.

Josh Tyler