Revisit Stanley Kubrick's Greatest Works In This Video Tour Of His Museum Exhibit

This weekend marks the end of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s exhibit honoring the career of legendary director Stanley Kubrick, so what better time than now to offer up a video tour for everyone who wasn’t able to make it to the museum during its nearly 7-month run (which includes me)? The videos were taken by YouTube user MrChopper0077 (real name: Tony Cannizzo), and it’s pretty astounding that they don’t have tens of thousands more views, given how professional they look. I’d call it a conspiracy, but I think the documentary Room 237 may have already covered it.

The first part of the video focuses on the expansive number of cameras and equipment Kubrick used during his decades-spanning career, as well as a wall of theatrical posters fpr Kubrick’s films. You can even get a look at his chess set. Then the familiar “Bomb Run” music comes on and props from 1964’s scathingly satirical Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb are showcased. I absolutely love that they have a portion of the War Room set up. “Gentlemen…” Then the helicopter propellers kick in and we don our Full Metal Jacket fatigues. Not the largest amount of props to be seen here, sadly, though the Born To Kill helmet would look great in my living room. Check the first part out below.

The longer, second video is devoted entirely to 2001: A Space Odyssey, arguably Kubrick’s most popular film, even if those who champion it heaviest are too tripped out to remember why. The familiar orchestral pieces are played, including “Also sprach Zarathustra.” From the monkey suits to the furniture to the alien baby itself, there’s a lot of amazing memorabilia on display here. This part of the exhibit also showcased letters from Kubrick revealing his worry that IBM may think that HAL 9000 was a criticism of them in some way. Try not to get too violent when you’re hanging around the monolith, as these are expensive items. Take your own odyssey below...

The third video is the longest yet, and immediately takes you into the debauchery-and-milk-soaked world of A Clockwork Orange, droog suits and all. The collection of faux newspaper articles concerning Alex’s crimes is quite impressive. Then we take a trip back to the past for Barry Lyndon, where Kubrick’s cameras got bigger and better, as did his costume design. These always did look like some of the most comfortable 18th century clothes in cinema. Now allow me to “axe” you a question…where’s Johnny? The Shining is the central focus for the final five minutes of this video. You want Jack’s typewriter and his “latest work?” It’s there. What about ghostly images of the twin girls, posted right on the wall? I’d run through a garden maze to get the hell away from them, that’s for certain.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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