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Riddick Returning To His Roots With A New Sequel

Vin Diesel has been promising it for years, but a third installment in his Riddick franchise has always seemed incredibly unlikely since, well, no one saw the last one. But after years of promising, Vin has actually delivered. Variety says the third Chronicles of Riddick is happening and, what do you know, they’re calling it Riddick.

The franchise started off as a taut little thriller from writer/director David Twohy. In it, Vin Diesel got his big break as a convict who crash lands on a hostile alien planet with a group of hapless humans. He helps them escape, using his unique ability to see in the dark and his general ability for insane amounts of ass kicking. The sequel took on a much broader scope and sent Vin’s Riddick character on a galaxy-spanning epic with involving a lot of CGI and silly plot about saving the universe.

The first movie was well regarded, the second one less so. But for all its flaws and silliness, the second film has some genuinely brilliant moments. A lot of that’s due to Twohy who wrote and directed both films. He’ll be back in charge for the third, with Vin again reprising his career making role as Riddick. This time though, they’re getting back to the simpler times of the first movie. This one will focus more on the character of Riddick and ignore the galactic implications which occupied the second installment.