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Robert De Niro And Reese Witherspoon Board Nancy Meyers' The Intern

Nancy Meyers isn’t the kind of director that anyone expects to swing from one potential project to the next, but she has been attached to a few films over the last few years with nothing ever coming to fruition. One of those projects, The Intern, is apparently back on track, with Robert De Niro and Reese Witherspoon currently in negotiations to star in the comedy, which Worldview Entertainment will finance and produce in a deal made at the American Film Market. Boy, I tell ya, it’s gotta be rough having Academy Award winners fronting one’s film.

Witherspoon will star as the founder of a hugely popular fashion website that will be hosting a Senior Intern Program, which she is urged to take part in. De Niro will play the 70-something widower and former businessman that the entrepreneur will take under her wing. Old business tactics and new business tactics will clash as the retiree turns the table and becomes the mentor. It sounds like the same kind of streamlined comedy Meyers has made her name with, alongside films such as Something’s Gotta Give and What Women Want. And according to Deadline, she handpicked these actors for the roles. I wonder if she’d also picked Tina Fey last year when she was set to star in the film.

But that was back when this was still a project set up for Paramount, who has since dropped out. Meyers is at AFM promoting the film, which will work within a $35 million budget, making it quite the enticing project for such companies as Universal, Warner Bros. and The Weinstein Company, all of whom are reportedly duking it out over who gets it. I don’t think it matters where it ends up, so long as Meyers delivers a smart, tight script. Her last film, 2009’s It’s Complicated, left a terrible taste in my mouth, so I really hope this film brings the humor along with some relatability.

De Niro will be seen in two films before the year’s end, Peter Segal’s oldies boxing comedy Grudge Match and David O. Russell’s star-studded historical drama American Hustle. He’s currently filming another boxing movie, Jonathan Jakubowicz’s Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone, and also has the crime thrillers Motel and Candy Store on the way.

Witherspoon has been just as busy, with Atom Egoyan’s West Memphis Three drama Devil’s Knot, Philippe Falardeau’s drama The Good Lie and Paul Thomas Anderson’s shaggy dog detective drama Inherent Vice all coming next year, along with the biographical drama Wild, which she is currently filming.

One has to wonder what will happen to the ocean-spanning rom-com she was set up for earlier this year, or the ensemble drama The Chelsea. Maybe next time. Meyers is set to begin production on The Intern early next year.

Nick Venable
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