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Robert Downey Jr's Team Downey To Produce Accidental Genius For Warner Bros

Imagine suffering some major trauma and regaining consciousness to discover you have heightened mental abilities. That’s the concept being explored in the drama film recently acquired by Warner Bros and set to be produced by Robert Downey Jr.’s Team Downey.

According to Deadline, Team Downey is set to produce the drama, titled Accidental Genius, with Ben Silverman’s Electus. The film follows a regular man who comes out of a coma to find he’s much smarter than he was before. He’s also having “visions of a bizarre symbol recognized only by a burnt-out prodigy.” The newly-brainy man and the burnt-out prodigy team up to try to solve the mystery of the symbol, which could end up changing the world.

Set to executive-produce the film is Adam Gibgot, who has worked with Silverman previously on a number of pilots for NBC.

It’s hard to judge by the description exactly what the tone will be for the film, however the mention of a world-changing secret symbol could push it more toward adventure/thriller. It’ll be interesting to see who is cast in the lead roles. As Deadline notes, Team Downey, which is run by Robert Downey Jr’s wife Susan, was set up at Warner Bros to develop films for Downey Jr. to star. If he were to star in this one, would he be better as the accidental genius, or the burnt out prodigy? The latter seems like it could be a great fit for the actor.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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