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Robert Pattinson And Hugh Jackman Playing Cowboys

Women of all ages need to prepare for a heart attack: Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman are both going to be playing cowboys. That means hats, chaps, tight jeans, attractively scruffy hair, and pretty much the best thing to happen to the Old West in decades.

This will all be happening thanks to Madeline Stowe, the actress who wrote the screenplay Unbound Captives back in the mid-90s, and turned down a $5 million offer from Fox because she wouldn't be allowed to star. A decade later, Variety reports that Stowe still won't be starring, and Rachel Weisz will take the role instead. But Stowe will make her directorial debut with the film.

Stowe spoke to Variety about her decision to turn down offer back in the 90s, which included Ridley Scott directing the script and Russell Crowe starring in the Jackman role. ""There was never a moment's hesitation on my part, but it felt unreal, and I can remember my husband putting a finger across his neck to signal not to take the offer. There are moments in life where you need to follow your heart."

Weisz will star as a woman living on the Western frontier in 1859, whose husband is killed and two children kidnapped by a Comanche tribe. Variety's plot description is unclear on whether Pattinson is playing her son or the son of Jackman's character, who comes to the woman's rescue. And why does she need rescuing when her children are the ones who have been kidnapped? No idea. Someone needs to track down this script and give us an idea of what to expect, and also how many swoon-worthy scenes there will be of Jackman riding a horse. You know, the important stuff.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend